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About the book

In writing this book, I imagined it as a theater movie or a Broadway musical or play. It mixes a spiritualistic history, thousands of years old, with daily passages in Rio de Janeiro, former capital of Brazil. The theme is close to esoteric and fiction texts. The country passages were to help you understand what in the book we call "The Good," "The Bad," and "The Indifferent." The readers will see themselves as one of them. It was easier to write about the "Bad" and the "Indifferent" by the situations we see in our daily lives. The parts that show the Avatars' arrival and actions point to better days.

I, the author, am a composer, musician and engineer who believes that it is no use creating more technological advances on a planet where these advances are not shared by all. Because they are not shared, populations starve, and inequalities increase every day. This catalyze the feelings of powerlessness and revenge that, it seems, will once again cause Earth's history to recede, as is said to have happened in Atlantis. Just look at the focus of soap operas and TV news. Almost everything exploits evil and violence. This alone gives high ratings of audience.

I believe that the only possibility of non-self-destruction of the Earth, in a maximum of about 30 years, is that an extraordinary fact occurs. This extraordinary fact is described in the narrative. There are currents of thought saying that, in the processes of evolution, knowledge and spiritual growth, after periods of stagnation or decay, make positive leaps. After the jumps, things get better on the planet, until new stagnation comes, at a higher level that precedes a new positive leap and so on. We advance as Kangaroos climbing a staircase

Today we would be at the beginning of a new leap and worldwide cleaning process. Our current moments of perplexity expose to the world's population the violence, social injustice and lack of compromise with future generations. In this process, the departure of the souls that hinder the evolution of those who want to advance is already taking place.

The Cosmic Engineers are experts at creating the "Coincidences" that change the course of our lives. Also participating in the narrative are the Avatars of a more evolved planet coming here to teach us how to do things better, and thus interrupt the ongoing process of self-destruction. Let's see if they succeed to do it!.

See you in some book or a "coincidence". ....... Sergio Feitoza

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